Modern Family Therapy, PLLC

Modern Family Therapy, PLLC

Individual and Couples Therapy and Life Coaching

  • EMDR
  • Trauma-Informed Therapies
  • Life Coaching
  • Teletherapy (Starting March 7!!)

Who We Work With


Couples therapy is a great way to strengthen and improve your relationship. We see all couples, including LGBTQ, and whether you are contemplating divorce, experiencing sexual differences, infidelity, addiction, or looking to improve your relationship, we are here to help. We specialize in treating couples, infidelity, parenting stress, addictions that impact the relationship, and sexual differences. We also offer marriage intensives to meet the time demands of modern families.


Individual therapy is appropriate for adults adolescents. Both therapy and life coaching can inspire change and improve your quality of life. We have the expertise to help you, whether you need extra support during a stressful time, would like to process a traumatic event, or want a space to set and achieve goals. We specialize in treating trauma and work collaboratively with you to experience growth and change. We also specialize in miscarriage and perinatal loss support.

Meet the Therapist

I’m Rebecca Ray, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate, and it is my passion to see individuals and couples restore healthy relationships. I specialize in treating couples and have extensive training in treating trauma. You are the expert on your own life, and I know that modern life comes with many challenges. I am here to walk with you on a journey of exploration, healing, and growth. I am under the supervision of David M. Lawson, Ph.D., LMFT-S, license #2137.

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