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Quarantined. Now What? Relationship advice during a pandemic.

Quarantined. Now What? Let’s talk about how you can ignite passion and create the love you both desire, despite a pandemic. Less than a week ago, life as we know it changed dramatically. We are a service-based society, keen on eating out, happy hours, concerts, and rodeos. We take our kids to trampoline parks, sportsContinue reading “Quarantined. Now What? Relationship advice during a pandemic.”

PTSD and Pregnancy Loss

Women who experience pregnancy loss have high rates of PTSD. I went to a boutique IV clinic, because I felt low on energy and thought I’d try vitamin therapy. During the course of my treatment, I felt my heart pound at a rapid speed and suddenly I could not control the rate of my breathing.Continue reading “PTSD and Pregnancy Loss”

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